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Sunday Email: Issue 3

Good morning on this lovely sunny day.

I hope that this email finds you in good spirits despite having experienced four weeks of lockdown so far and now facing a further three weeks of continuing restrictions on our movements.

From conversations on the telephone and looking at various social media sites, I am always amazed to hear about the ingenious and imaginative ideas that are being adopted to keep youngsters entertained and the incredible kindnesses that are being performed everywhere. We have our fair share of this ingenuity and kindness in our communities.

There are some new messages in this week’s email, but you will also recognise some of the information repeated from last week’s email. This merely emphasises the importance of the information and my belief that it should be available at a glance to readers.

This week I am printing off a dozen copies of this email so that they can be delivered by Annemarie Barningham to residents that don’t have a PC and therefore can’t access email. If you know someone like that, please consider taking a copy and dropping it off at the person’s home.

If you have any information that you would like me to consider including in future emails please feel free to contact me.

Stay at home, stay well and stay safe.


07785 223707

Still Stay at Home

The government has extended the period during which we must all stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The new lockdown period will last at least a further three weeks until 7 May. This means each of us should only leave the house for very limited purposes:

• shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible

• one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household, but stay local, use open spaces near your home and don’t travel unnecessarily

• any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person

• travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home.

It’s regrettable that a few people seem to believe that the social distancing rules are for others – not for them! That folly puts us all at risk…and is likely to result in the lockdown lasting even longer. Selfish activity at this critical time is a sure fire way of prolonging this dreadful pandemic and causing the deaths of many more people. Recently a local family were seen picnicking at the Sheep Wash and had to be asked to leave. It might sound harsh but it’s for our collective safety.

With more local people taking advantage of exercising in our rural environment, please be careful to observe the Country Code and stick to designated paths over farmland. Just as importantly, anyone exercising dog(s) on the paths and lanes around Topcliffe and Asenby is kindly asked to be more vigilant than ever about cleaning up dog poo. There are some paths that are in a really bad state and it is a health hazard for everyone using the paths for exercise purposes.

AA assistance for NHS workers

The AA has announced that it will give free roadside assistance to any NHS worker if they have a breakdown on route to or from work. The number to call is 0800 072 5064.

NHS Volunteer Responders get to work

Hundreds of thousands of NHS Volunteer Responders have started helping the NHS in its fight against coronavirus. Over 750,000 people signed up to the NHS’ call for volunteers in just four days when the scheme launched, three times the original target.

Royal Voluntary Service, the charity delivering the volunteer effort, has now completed checks on this huge army of helpers and they are now active across the country. Their role is to provide non-medical support for the 2.5 million people told to shield themselves from coronavirus because of underlying health conditions. They volunteers can help with:

• delivering medicines from pharmacies

• driving patients to appointments (non-wheelchair only)

• bringing patients home from hospital (non-wheelchair only)

• making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home

• transporting medical supplies and equipment for the NHS.

The volunteers will be offering their services via the GoodSAM app. Volunteers show themselves as available when their app is switched to ‘on duty’.

Referrals to the volunteers’ service originate from health professionals, pharmacists and local authorities. They request help on the NHS Volunteer Responders referrer’s portal and volunteers pick the job they want to do that day and close the task once complete.

It’s expected that it will take time to ramp up the service to its full capacity but in due course it’s expected it will become an invaluable addition to the emergency services in the UK.

Locally, I know of two villagers who put their names forward as volunteers – Mary Manning who lives in Topcliffe and Charlie Halshaw from Asenby. They haven’t yet had any official alerts but they are available to help anyone who makes themselves known. Their telephone numbers are 07776 531415 and 07768 664780 respectively.

And in case you are inspired to join the ranks of Volunteer Responders, please note that recruitment to this scheme is temporarily paused so that the initial 750,000 applications can be processed. The recruitment process will be re-opened at some point, so watch out for an announcement from the NHS.

Northdale Horticultural

I know that many residents are spending lots of time in their gardens and wanting access to garden and greenhouse plants and vegetables, so this will be of interest. Northdale Horticulture, a Northallerton-based charity that provides training for people with learning difficulties, is providing a ‘mail order’ service for flowering plants and vegetables. I have purchased from their nursery in past years and they are very good value and quality. I have been in touch with them to confirm they will deliver to Topcliffe and Asenby, probably clumping orders together, from 4 May. Their web address is where you can check out what’s available. Then you can print off and complete an order form attached and email it to If anyone has difficulty accessing plant details online, please email me and I will forward copies of their plant lists.

Vicar’s retirement – party and leaving present

An announcement about the impending retirement of Susanne Jukes, the vicar of St Columba’s in Topcliffe (and a few other local churches too), was made in the March edition of The Tattler. Susanne retires on 29 April though her plans to move north to her house in County Durham are on hold because of the pandemic. Some people have commented that perhaps Susanne will continue to serve as vicar during the crisis, but the fact is she can’t as her licence to practice terminates on the 29 April. A planned party organised by the Church Wardens of various churches where she held services, was to be held on 29 April, but that is cancelled. Hopefully there will be a chance for a farewell party later in the year when this crisis is over.

The Church Wardens are collecting money to get Susanne something to remember us all by. If anyone would like to make a donation it can be done either by a cheque payable to Topcliffe PCC or by paying directly into the church account by BACS. To do this, people would need to contact Liz Marsh at and she will pass on the church account details so that an online payment can be made. Any donations would need to be made as soon as possible please so that we have time to buy something. Cheques should be sent to Liz Marsh at The Elm Gallery in Front Street, Topcliffe.

Good deeds acknowledged

  • Dr Charles Parker, Dr Rachel Doswell and Dr Caspar Wood and all the medical and support staff at Topcliffe Surgery.
  • Sharon Furness who works tirelessly in the Intensive Care Unit at James Cook Hospital
  • Mary Manning and Charlie Halshaw for putting their names forward as Volunteer Responders.
  • Lesley Lowe, Topcliffe Surgery practice nurse for delivering medication to residents in isolation.
  • Debora Roberts, Liz Marsh, Liz Hall, Carole Ford and Julie Hunt who are for making protective equipment, including scrubs and laundry bags, for frontline NHS workers. Hundreds of items have already been supplied and the team are busily working hard to deliver more.
  • Deanna Bradley who lives in East Lea is collecting old cotton or polyester duvet covers or curtains for a friend who is making wash bags for nurses uniforms. Deanna has just mentioned on the ‘Top Residents’ site that her friend has already delivered 50 scrub bags to the Friarage Hospital and 200 more will be sent soon. Donations can be left at 5a East Lea please.
  • Louise Bumby and who is continuing to make meals and baking for those less able members of our community.
  • Annemarie Barningham who is delivering Louise’s produce and is also watching out for so many elderly members of our community. The Coronavirus pandemic as merely intensified Annemarie’s care in the community role.
  • Linda Carver who kindly looks after two elderly ladies, one in East Lea and the other in Swale View.
  • Nigel Johnson who was out at 5am one day last week to weed spray the alleyways in Topcliffe. Nigel is continuing to work at Queens Mary’s school where the children of NHS essential workers are still being educated.
  • Josh Barningham for various good deeds around Topcliffe.
  • Dean Pallister, for his “secret” potato deliveries in Asenby.
  • Harry Hutchinson who lives in Deans Square who, apparently, been asking lots of people whether they need help with shopping and other chores.
  • Anne-Marie Mulley for setting up the Facebook page – Top Residents.
  • John Mulley for keeping the Post Office open.
  • Peter Palmer and Judith Lowe for organising volunteer services in Asenby and to Siobhan Gifford for running the Asenby Institute Community Space Facebook site.
  • Michelle Larder and her family for painting stones and placing them around Topcliffe for children to seek out. And also for displaying her children’s Easter competition entries.
  • Lorna Young who has kindly done my weekly shopping and prepared me some delicious dinners.
  • AND everyone else who has helped in any way. A big THANK YOU to you all.

I’ll keep this roll of honour going in next week’s email, so let me have your nominations. Maybe they’ll all be guests of honour at our post-virus party?

Proposed Crematorium at Skipton on Swale

The planning application for the proposed crematorium has been lodged with Hambleton District Council and is open for comments from the public. If you have any views on it and wish to put them forward you should check the Hambleton website – quoting the planning number 20/00716/FUL. The final date for consultation is 29 April 2020. If you wish to discuss the application you can contact the Planning Officer, T J Wood on 01609-779977.

Latest Scam

North Yorkshire Police have received several reports of a text message circulating purporting to be from Tesco giving out free vouchers due to Covid-19. The user is asked to click on a link which leads to a genuine looking website but which in reality is designed to steal login information, as well as personal and financial details. Always be careful about offers that are too good to be true and look out for tell-tale signs that indicate when email messages are bogus, such as poor grammar, timing of delivery, invites to click links.

VE Day – 8 May 2020

The planned VE Day celebration at the Village Hall had to be cancelled but there’s a new idea now circulating that would allow us to still mark this special anniversary. You can now join in a Stay at Home Street Party on Friday 8 May. It’s suggested that you decorate your house in red, white and blue and enjoy a picnic in your garden. Sounds like a good way of marking the anniversary.

Topcliffe Facebook Groups

  • Asenby community news can be found on the Facebook page ‘Asenby Institute Community Space’.
  • The Facebook – Top Residents – is going from strength to strength and is well worth joining. The site shares information that might be useful to villagers.
  • The Topcliffe & Asenby Village Hall Facebook site is carrying useful information about village matters.

Community Support in Asenby

• Peter Palmer (01845 578057) and Judith Lowe (01845 577911) are co-ordinating a team of volunteers to assist any resident who needs help with shopping or collection of medicines….or maybe just wants a ‘phone chat.

• The community library (now officially in a bookcase, thanks to a kind donation) in the bus shelter is proving popular. Villagers are welcome to borrow or supply books. Users are required to wear gloves and should

sanitise books before leaving them or picking them up. The bus-stop also has an occasional potato delivery, so look out for that if you’re running short.

• A range of Asenby Village Trails has been developed for village children (and adults) taking their daily stroll. Walkers should look out for rainbows and teddy bears in windows.

• Practice nurse Lesley Lowe is assisting residents who are in isolation and who don’t pay for their medication and are worried about leaving home to collect their medications from Topcliffe Surgery. Ask when you order

your prescription.

Shopping pick-ups and deliveries

It can be difficult to get home deliveries from the large supermarkets, but I wanted to bring to your attention this special ‘essential’ delivery service that Morrison’s are offering to vulnerable and elderly members of the community who are unable to shop in-store. The list of items available is attached to this email. Items should be ticked and you then call 0345 611 6111 and press option 5 to place the order. Orders take 24 hours to process and payment is taken by contactless card by the delivery driver. Cash and cheques cannot be accepted. Other local home delivery services include:

• Buck Inn, Maunby is supplying fresh produce and household essentials. Free delivery on orders over £25 or to any NHS cardholder. Email:

• Carl’s Fruit & Veg. Orders only by Facebook. Requires payment by Bacs.

• Greengrocers in Thirsk have agreed to deliver boxes to Topcliffe every Monday. You can put in an order any time before the delivery day. 01845 527899.

• Johnson’s the Butchers, also based in Thirsk, are also delivering. 01845 523212 or via Facebook.

• K E Bland of Ripon – home delivery service for supply milk, yoghurt, cream, bread, oil, water, fruit and vegetables. Ring 01765 603049.

• Mooshakes, Mocktails and Munchies – needs orders for milkshakes and cakes by 12pm for afternoon deliveries or 4.30pm for evening deliveries. Topcliffe deliveries Wed 1.30 to 2.30 and Allenbrooke 5.30 to 7.30.

• Upstairs Downstairs Deli, Thirsk are delivering to all YO7 postcodes. Check them out on Facebook.

Preferred method of payment for most dealers is by card over the telephone when ordering.

Take Away Food

A whole host of food companies continue to take away pick-ups or deliveries. Here’s a few that residents have recommended:

• Bambudda Oriental Cuisine, Ripon – 01765 278020 – Orders by phone only. Demand is very high so there may be a delay in getting through. On weekends the line opens at 3pm for pre-orders. Delivery charge £5.

• Jaipur Spice at Busby Stoop is offering a free takeaway to anyone who shows their NHS identification card on Thursday 23 April. If you know anyone who qualifies, please show them this information and direct them to

Jaipur Spice’s Facebook page.

• Mozzarelli’s, Ripon 01765 603333

• Old Red House, Thirsk has organised Carvery Sundays. Ring 01845 525769 for bookings and information.

• Pizza Pronto, Catterick Garrison – 01748 833777

• Regency Pizza, Thirsk Industrial Estate – 01845 522331

• The Bay Horse, Rainton – 01845 578697 – on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Wide range of meals on offer.

• The TeaTime Café, Thirsk – Bake Boxes with varied contents changing each week, or individual items. Delivery on Thursdays is free to Topcliffe and Asenby. Orders by 2pm Tuesday. Full details are on the café’s website


• Westgate Fish & Chips, Thirsk are taking orders during the day by telephone that can be picked up during the 4 to 9pm opening times. Ring 07703 686774

Please note that the Racha Thai Bistro in Thirsk is closed for at least three weeks.

Please check on the internet because supply details are always subject to change.

Louise Bumby is still cooking and baking for villagers in need and Annemarie Barningham is doing the deliveries. If you know an elderly person who would benefit, please call Annemarie on 07740 175311 or Jenny Bumby on 01845 577483.

Thursday Clapping for our heroes

The regular weekly clapping on our doorsteps is as popular as ever, and probably increases with each passing week. This public showing of support for NHS frontline staff, care home staff and other key workers, including police, fire & rescue, supermarket and shop workers, bin men, Royal Mail delivers and lots, lots more, is a massive tribute to their selfless commitment. There’ll be another clapping next Thursday evening at 8pm. But please, no fireworks as it upsets and traumatises our pets.


  • Topcliffe Post Office (01845 577517) continues to operate post offices services, as well as the sale of newspapers and the usual product lines. Opening times are restricted – 7.30am to 2pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • Our two Parish Councils are not meeting during the crisis. However, our Parish Councillors and Parish Clerks remain available to deal with any urgent matters. Details are on the two parish council websites – and www.asenby .net
  • The longer the lockdown goes on the more likely it is that some people will begin to feel the impact of isolation and may benefit from some advice about their mental health. If you want any advice and guidance during this period go to: or or
  • Community Works is a support organisations working with North Yorkshire County Council which offers advice to anyone self-isolating who can’t get direct help from family, friends, neighbours or trusted local groups. Ring 01845 523115 for help with shopping, meals on wheels, food parcels, prescriptions or caring for pets. It can also arrange regular telephone calls to anyone who would like them.
  • Coronavirus Health Information – there is advice online about staying at home if you’re at high risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus or you or someone you live with has symptoms of coronavirus. You should not leave your home if you have a high temperature (this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back) or a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual). To protect others, do not go to places like our doctor’s surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do. Only call 111 if you cannot get help online.
  • Topcliffe Surgery requires seven working days’ notice for repeat prescriptions.

That’s all until next Sunday. Stay at home. Keep safe and keep well.

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