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Sunday Email: Issue 97

Welcome to the 97th issue of the Sunday Email.
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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Last Sunday a list of potential ideas for the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend and some longer-term projects to mark the year, were presented in the Sunday Email. The list was a summary of suggestions about how the two villages – Topcliffe and Asenby – might celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee between 2 and 5 June and beyond

We know that our two Parish Councils support the celebrations and in the case of Topcliffe Parish Council, might be able to assist with funding of appropriate events and projects. We also know that the Village Hall Committee has agreed to give free use of the Village Hall for any jubilee events over the four-day celebration.

Some events will come together fairy easily, such as services at St Columba’s Church because there is a group of people that make the church work well and they will simply add on celebratory services, but most other ideas will only materialise if someone in the community – an individual or group – steps forward to organise them.

As a reminder, the list of possibilities is as follows:

  • 11 March – Formal tree planting (this is the 70th day of the 70th year of the Queen’s reign, and coincides with the right time to plant trees). Plaque erected and time capsule buried.
  • 30 April to 2 May – Scarecrow competition with a royal theme – to coincide with a similar event in Carlton Miniott.
  • May – Village tidy-ups and litter picks (dates to be agreed).
  • Village beacons.
  • Street and house decoration – throughout weekend celebrations
  • Evening Meal and Disco in the Village Hall – bring your own drinks.
  • Saturday 4 June – Party in the Park on the playing field. Bring your own picnic and drinks. Possibly with a band and dancing, games, races etc.
  • Children’s crown-making competition.
  • Children’s Jubilee art competition.
  • Jubilee Photographic competition.
  • Fancy royal dress competition.
  • Vehicle display – any vehicles 70 years of age and over.
  • Flat Green bowling knock out competition – teams of four (including children accompanied by adults).
  • Jubilee walk – a short stroll between Topcliffe and Asenby and back for families and people of all ages.
  • Sunday 5 June – Brunch in the Village Hall.

Larger-scale and longer-term opportunities;

  • Improvements to Jubilee Gardens.
  • Creation of a Platinum Jubilee Walkway on the trail between Topcliffe Bridge and Asenby, with new path surfaces, more benches, picnic tables on the grassy area near the bridge, waste bins, more tree planting and jubilee signage. Hambleton Brewery, based in Melmerby, has expressed a willingness to give financial support to this proposal.
  • Tree planting to improve the nation’s tree canopy.

So, lots of ideas that have the potential to make up a great programme for the Platinum Jubilee, with fun events and some great opportunities for long-term memories and improvement. But have our two communities got the willingness and commitment to make at least some of these ideas a reality? Please look through the list and consider how you might help. The plain fact is that these exciting proposals will only take place if residents are prepared to make them happen. The next public meeting is at The Angel at 7.30pm on Sunday 6 March. Everyone will be welcome.

Topcliffe Bridge – Request for repairs
I don’t know whether I have stepped on anyone’s toes by doing this – apologies if I have – but just like those who attended the recent Platinum Jubilee meeting at The Angel, I would like to see Topcliffe Bridge repaired. The email message below has gone to county councillors on both sides of the bridge, the Chair of County Highways, the Head of Highways Operations and copied to the chairs of our two parish councils. I have received an initial response from Head of Highway Operations which is reproduced below.