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Sunday Email: Issue 161

Welcome to the Sunday Email.
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St Columba’s Services

  • TODAYat 10.45am – Holy Communion.
  • Sunday 4 June – (St Columba’s Weekend) – 6.30pm Festal Choral Evensong
  • Sunday 11 June at 10.45am – Holy Communion
  • Sunday 18 June at 10.45am – Choral Matins
  • Sunday 25 June at 10.45am – Holy Communion

Everyone is most welcome to come and join us for any of these services and refreshments are served after every Sunday morning service.

Open Gardens

  • Husthwaite – known as North Yorkshire’s orchard village – will have 12 gardens open open today and tomorrow between 11am to 5pm. The 12th century village church will also be open. Lunches and afternoon teas in the Village Hall. Sorry, but dogs will not be allowed in the gardens. £5 adults, accompanied children free. Tickets will be on sale at pay points in the village.
  • The Hidden Gardens of Coxwold -14 gardens open for visits and the Village Hall open for plants stall and teas. Sunday 11 June, 1pm until 5pm. £5. Children free. Tickets from the desk in the Village Hall car park on the day.
Quiz night at the Village Hall
TONIGHT – the weekly Sunday quiz is on at Topcliffe & Asenby Village Hall. Come along at 8pm. The quiz is attracting a regular crowd of 25 – 30 each week and it’s turning out to be a great social evening. There’s always room for a few more quizzers, so if you fancy testing your general knowledge and later having a chat with friends and neighbours, please come along. Bring your own drinks and nibbles. Glasses are available, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.
Post Office closure
Topcliffe Post Office will be closed tomorrow – the late May Bank Holiday.
Doug Manning
Doug’s funeral will take place at Maple Park Crematorium on 7 June at 2.30pm, then afterwards at The Angel, Topcliffe for a celebration of his life.
The Tattler
The next edition of The Tattler is at the printers and will be delivered to households in Topcliffe and Asenby early in week beginning Monday 5 June.
This month’s message from our sponsor Faro Finance

Inheritance tax – not just a tax on the very rich
Inheritance tax is something that many don’t think will affect them, but it’s not just well-off people who need to watch the figures. Considering the rate at which house prices and inflation is increasing, whilst the thresholds remain the same, it could quite quickly become a tax affecting more of us.

The nil rate bands for inheritance tax vary. They range from £325,000 for an individual not owning their own home, and up to £500,000 for an individual who does own their own home. These allowances effectively double for married couples and civil partners as transfers between them do not count towards these limits.

Gifts, if planned carefully, can be used to reduce the value of your estate and the tax payable. The most flexible exemption is the annual exemption which allows you to give up to £3,000 worth of gifts each year without any inheritance tax implication. This amount can be given to one person or split between several people. If you haven’t used all your allowance last year, you can bring it forward and use that allowance first.

It is important to note that gifts made regularly from regular monthly income, such as work pay or a pension, which you can afford after meeting your usual living costs, can be given tax free. This could be a gift given as a monthly standing order or something like a grandparent paying their grandchild’s university tuition or accommodation fees.

Further information on the rules surrounding various gifts is available on the HMRC website

Blister pack recycling locally
Are you hoping to be more green this year and boost your recycling? Well now you can do a little bit more by saving your medical blister packs…and you can do it locally in Topcliffe!

The scheme is run by Superdrug and they will take blister packs from brands such as Anadin, Panadol, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Nexium, Piriteze, Rennie, Nicorette, Imodium, Sudafed and Benadryl.

But you don’t have to go far to join this scheme as Topcliffe residents Heather Holt and Kim Hughes have set up a collection point at their home at 4 Dovecote Mews. They have placed a bin next to their log store at the front of their house and you can deposit blister packs there at any time.

So, start collecting empty medicine blisters today and when you have a few, simply drop them off at your local dedicated collection point.